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dara_carlin_survive_thriveThe first time I ever heard that a Domestic Violence VICTIM is supposed to turn into a SURVIVOR and from there morph into a THRIVER, I thought someone was tossing around semantics to complicate something relatively simple.  What's the difference and does it really matter?  Yes, BIG differences and if you're not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, yes, it really does matter.

barry goldberg saunders report angelgroup 2Department of Justice Report Demands Custody Court Reforms

Using Saunders' Report to Protect Children

The Saunders' study establishes that the custody courts are getting an intolerably high percentage of domestic violence custody cases wrong and this will continue as long as the courts rely on evaluators and other professionals who do not have the specific domestic violence training they need and refuse to use the expertise that could be provided by domestic violence advocates and experts.

 It is clear that the custody courts need to adopt the reforms that will make sure children are protected, but there are significant obstacles to achieving the needed reforms. The worst evaluators and other professionals who are part of the cottage industry supporting abusive fathers will fight to maintain their lucrative practices even as they earn their money at the expense of the safety and future of children they are supposed to protect. The abusers will continue to seek to manipulate the court in order to continue using the custody tactic to maintain what they believe is their right to control their partners even after they leave. Judges and other administrators will be reluctant to acknowledge that their long established practices routinely place children in jeopardy. Dan Saunders has done a substantial public service in providing meticulous research that should explode the complacency of court professionals who would like to believe the only problem is the complaints by protective mothers and their supporters. Now it is our job to use this research to change the outcomes of cases and reform a system that is failing to protect children.

barry goldberg saunders report angelgroup 3Department of Justice Report Demands Custody Court Reforms

published May 4, 2012 (Summary of Saunder's Report Findings)

Part I: The Game Changing Findings

The United States Department of Justice provided a grant to support a major study by Dr. Daniel Saunders of the University of Michigan to determine how well court professionals and particularly evaluators are responding to domestic violence cases. The study comes in the context of frequent and substantial complaints that custody courts are using deeply flawed practices that result in placing children in danger. The Saunders' study is the latest and most prestigious to confirm the validity of these complaints. Dr. Saunders found, "...domestic violence is frequently undetected in custody cases or ignored as a significant factor in custody-visitation determinations (report P. 4). One could argue about at what point the research became so compelling that reforms are required, but with the publication of the Saunders' study there can be no informed discussion that the present practices are safe or acceptable.

tanaka slashHello Angels!

It's no secret that AngelGroup SUPPORTS REMOVAL of Judge Keith Tanaka from the bench.  In fact, it's more than we can do to use the word "Honorable" in front of his name.  It appears he is a liability to the people of Hawai'i; for which the effect will take years to see.

The most support we can muster is for Mr. Tanaka to be moved to Traffic Court where he would be more qualified.  However, you are all entitled to your own opinion and we highly recommend you take a moment and let the Judiciary know what that is.  This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard...


The Judicial Selection Commission, State of Hawaiʻi, announces that the term of the Honorable Keith E. Tanaka as District Family Court Judge of the Second Circuit (Maui), State of Hawaiʻi, will expire on March 8, 2013. Judge Tanaka, in accordance with Section 3, Article VI of the Constitution of the State of Hawaiʻi, has petitioned to be retained in office and to be renewed for an additional term. The Constitution of the State of Hawaiʻi empowers the Commission to determine whether Judge Tanaka should be retained in office for an additional term of six years.

The Commission invites interested persons to submit written comments or fill out an evaluation form on whether Judge Tanaka should be retained in office for a new term. All written comments and evaluation forms will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Please visit the Commission's website and fill out form JS-P-081, the Judicial Evaluation Retention Form. Written comments and/or form JS-P-081 must be postmarked or faxed by Thursday, December 6, 2012 to:

Commissioner Chair Susan M. Ichinose Judicial Selection Commission
State of Hawaiʻi
417 S. King Street
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813
FAX: (808) 538-5205
Website: http://www.courts.state.hi.us/courts/jsc

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marvin acklin hawaii psychologistAre you - or have you been - party to a case where Marvin Acklin was involved?  How did it go?  Seems that a few cases we've heard about appear to have serious ethical violations.  We'd like to make you aware of the fact that psychologists are bound by a code of ethics.  Should this code be violated, a complaint can be filed.  This is applicable for ALL therapists, not only Marvin Acklin.  However, should you have a violation of ethics in your case by Marvin Acklin, we would appreciate you taking time to:

We suggest that you stick to the facts (leave emotion out of it) and tailor the complaint according to the ethical violation.  In other words, re: ethical violation A, Mr. Acklin did B, etc.  If you have proof, better yet.  If you can get proof, get it.  Help the investigator to follow the tangled trail. 

We need Hawaii's mental health professionals held accountable for ethical violations.  If you are hesitating for yourself, then get some aloha spirit and do it for the next person coming down the pipe.  It's silence and apathy that allows this harm to continue...

Stand up and be counted!!!