Did you know that your attorney has to adhere to a specific set of ethics? 
This is called Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct.

These rules are outlined in great detail and can be viewed here.  See the Office of Disciplinary Council page if your lawyer is in violation.

What are some of the warning signs that things aren't going right between you and your attorney?

  • Your attorney yells at you
  • Calls you names
  • Doesn't show up for hearing
  • Refuses to file paperwork on your behalf
  • Does not respond to phone calls/emails
  • Does not prepare for hearing
  • Does not file orders for hearing, when requested by Court
  • Threatens to quit unless you give more money
  • Does not give you a Retainer Agreement to sign at onset of service
  • Does not keep you updated on your bill
  • Does not provide a detailed bill
  • Speaks to unrelated third parties about your case
  • Does not allow you to make an appointment
  • Files paperwork with the Court that contains errors
  • Does not let you see paperwork to approve before filing with the Court
  • Does not inform you when paperwork comes in to the office regarding your case
  • Take a bribe from opposing side
  • Provide a summary of case status upon termination

If your attorney has done any of the above, they are in violation of their "Code", and subject to sanctions by the Office of Disciplinary Council (ODC).

The ODC is not a "law enforcement" agency, it is related to the State Bar.  A violation of the "Code" is not a crime but it is an affiliation violation.  If a violation is found this can be brought back to your case and applied there.  If the violation is severe enough, there is a legal fund that can be opened to assist you in correcting your case.

All lawyers, in order to practice law legally in the state need to register with the State Bar.  If you've been harmed by an attorney, they want to know.  How do you report to ODC?  Please see the AngelGroup summary on the Office of Disciplinary Council page.

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