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Remember the underdog prevailed in the end.
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PhoneRecordTapHello Angels:)

One of you wrote in and suggested that we make all Angels aware of something very important...

This is:  In Hawaii, you can legally record conversations if you're a party to the conversation (without letting anyone else know.)  Hawaii is a "one party consent" state.  Please keep in mind that this also applies in reverse - (Someone can record you).  There are  restrictions so please make sure you read the statutes.  (Read link below).

AngelGroup has been suggesting for years now - behind-the-scenes - that those of you who are involved in situations of domestic abuse, contested divorce/custody cases, communicating with corrupt officials and agencies, etc., TURN ON THE RECORDER.

Sunshine-drippingAudit spotlight proves Family Court is harming children, getting paid for it, and burying complaints.

On January 20, 2010, the long-awaited report from the California State Auditor was released.  The data supports years of family complaints alleging incompetence and wrong-doing in California's Marin and Sacramento family courts, especially in cases of "contested custody" and domestic violence. 

Many of you have written and requested an update on Maria Styke-Marquez's hearing in front of Judge Tanaka (11/22/10). The following is from DV advocate, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Maria Styke-Marquez, a domestic violence survivor on Maui, lost custody of her two and a half year-old daughter in September 2010 in contradiction of Hawaii State Statute 571-46(9), to the man who killed her 4 month-old unborn baby, put her in the hospital, and served 40-days in jail for the violence he used against her.

Judge Keith Tanaka gave full physical/legal custody of a 2-1/2-year-old little girl to this convicted DV perpetrator, despite Maria being an appropriate and protective parent to their daughter. The last visitation pick-up/drop-off between Maria and her ex on Friday, 11/19/10, resulted with yet another Criminal Contempt charge against him for his use of intimidation and harassment against her, something that has directly contributed to a decline in Maria's health.

It's shameful that a few renegade judges are allowed to remain employed in Hawaii.  They have violated their oaths, canons, and common decency.

In Maui's Family Court, Judge Keith E. Tanaka continues his careless (or calculated) rampage through the lives of court clients, and their children.

censorshipToday, AngelGroup received word that Domestic Violence Mother activists are being banned from commenting on Huffington Post.  If these women were swearing or offering rude opinions based purely in emotional conjecture, then we could understand.  However, what they posted was based in fact and they provided substantiation for those facts. 

So why would Huffington Post pull the comments?

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