David & Goliath:
Remember the underdog prevailed in the end.
Remember also that he took direct action.

karamatsuAs many of you know, S.C.R. 91 had a "sister bill" called H.C.R. 81.  It was introduced by Representative Mizuno (Thank you John!), and flew through the House until it reached Representative Karamatsu, Chair of  the House Judiciary Committee (surprise, surprise).

Numerous calls, emails and personal appearances were made to  Rep. Karamatsu requesting he set HCR 81 for hearing.  He did not.  Nor did he give any reasons for his opposition.  He didn't return phone calls requesting his position and/or reasons for his opposition.  He just let it die.

While that is his prerogative, AngelGroup wants  make you aware of something:

Representative Karamatsu stood face-to-face with an AngelGroup Member and told her that so many people had been calling, emailing, faxing and coming by his office that he has "already set it for hearing 10-minutes ago."  It was obviously something the people wanted.  However, he did not. 

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