David & Goliath:
Remember the underdog prevailed in the end.
Remember also that he took direct action.

Below is AngelGroup's testimony to the House HUS committee, for the Aprill 22, 2010 hearing, submitted on your behalf.

April 22, 2010

Testimony is STRONG Support of SCR91

Dear Legislators,

It has become overwhelmingly apparent that there is good cause and undeniable
need for SCR91's Senate investigation. It is also transparent that there is strong
covert opposition to SCR91; opposition that doesn't wish to make it's position
official but would rather pull political strings outside of the eye of public scrutiny.
This should be given due weight when casting a "Yes" vote for SCR91.

On April 20, 2010, the Judiciary posted proposed amendments to SCR91 on their website.  In essence, they wanted to change the word "assist" to "cooperate" and add "requests for data and information regarding contested custody cases filed in family court."  This amendment would have killed SCR91.

Here is the link to the Judiciary's suggested amendments

Here is AngelGroup's response to this proposed amendment:

fineY'know, sometimes as all of you go through this experience in your Family Court cases it seems unbelievable.  You thought that when you walked in the courtroom you'd get a fair hearing, that the judge would look at your evidence, that you and your children would be protected, and that assets would be divided fairly.  Unfortunately, many of you have had quite the opposite experience.

Maybe you've wondered why your attorney doesn't fight for you, especially when the system is so corrupt and when others are going through the same provable situation.  Why don't they speak up?  Why don't they hit back when they have the law on their side?  The same could be asked of some social service organizations...

A case in point to help you understand is perfectly illustrated by circumstances surrounding Attorney Richard Fine. 

Angels:  The following is AngelGroup's comment posted on Dr. Phil's website, on your behalf, in response to today's show...Be encouraged.

The broken family court system is a nationwide crisis of epidemic proportion.

National media has been silenced or caught up in the apathetic and unwarranted "he-said, she-said" excuse...they look no further...until now.  Thank you Dr. Phil for covering this issue.  We look forward to continued coverage to bring about change in the system.  You have now joined in to a fight worth fighting...for the children.

As an advocate for families in Hawaii, Obama's "home" state, we've  heard so many horrific stories that would make your jaw drop.  At first they seem too far afield  to be remotely true.  The sad fact is that they are true and the abuse comes not only at the hands of the abusive parent, but by the judiciary; corruption and fraud under Color of Law.  The only thing that separates the abusive parent from a renegade judge is a black robe.


Dear Senators.

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support of SCR91.

At this point you have no idea what hope you've given to survivors of Domestic Violence who are struggling against Hawaii's broken Family Court system. Rest assured though, you have lit an enormous bonfire in a very dark place and for this we are extremely grateful.

SCR91's investigation will reveal much more than its intended target. You spend days, months and years crafting and passing laws to protect DV survivors and innocent children. The fact that these laws are being blatantly disregarded with quite the opposite effect is going to be an eye opener.

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