"A father just ax murdered his son."

This email appeared in my inbox last February. The email's author had been warning me about judges in custody cases. She said they refused to listen to parents and children – even when they had evidence they were in danger. Sometimes, she said, the judges were even taking kids away from moms – just for trying to protecting their kids.

Unbelievable? I thought so , too. She said if I didn't do something, more kids would die. Then 9-year-old Matthew Hernandez was murdered. Yes, with an axe. While he slept on the couch. His father is charged with the murder.

Mary Chrzanowski is a no-nonsense judge. Some have called her "Scary Mary", accusing her of being out of line on many occasions.

Melonie Jackson, 45, went before Judge Chrzanowski in Macomb County in Michigan when she was going through a nasty custody and divorce battle. Jackson represented herself because she could not afford an attorney.

"I truly fear the family judicial system for anybody," Melonie told FOX 11 News. "Anything I've tried to do to protect my child, the harder they came at me, the more they came at me."

Published on Nov 30, 2012
Fox News Los Angeles aired this story about the family court disaster. Footage of the Lawless America CRIME SCENE banner is incoluded as well as words from several of the stars of Lawless America...The Movie.

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I am not content to sit on the sidelines while the government gradually usurps the very essence of parental rights. I hope you share my determination. We need to stand with people like Scott and Jodi Ferris (obviously no relation to someone named Farris). Here's their story:

Jodi went into labor a bit earlier than she had expected—and the baby was coming rapidly. Given their location and other factors, the midwife they had hoped would deliver the baby at their home encouraged them to get in an ambulance and head to the hospital.

Their baby, whom I will call "Annie," was born in the ambulance in the parking lot of the Hershey Medical Center—a government hospital in Pennsylvania. Hospital personnel arrived very quickly and took charge of both baby and mom.

A Middle Tennessee mother says all she did was try to protect her daughter, but after several calls to the Department of Children's Services, she was the one charged with severe child abuse.

Although a judge has since ruled that she did not commit any severe child abuse, the Nashville mother still hasn't spent any time with her daughter since December 2012.

The mom, whose identity we are not revealing, claims it was pretty clear something was wrong with her 8-year-old daughter when she would come home from visits with her father.

"What would happen is she would have burning sensations down there. Like, sometimes, we would put her in a tub, and she couldn't sit down. She would just scream, 'Momma, momma, it hurts,' and I would have to take her to the doctor to make sure that she was OK," the mother said. "And this was only happening while she was in his care."