In this section AngelGroup will attempt to demystify some of the legal mumbo-jumbo so you can accurately assess where you are, what's happening and possibly even how to proceed armed with a little more information.

We explain what should be expected from your Attorney, if you choose to hire one to represent you.  If you choose to proceed Pro Se (defending yourself), then you will definitely need to enlist the services of a paralegal, at least in the beginning.

If your attorney misrepresents you, you will need to contact the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC).  See the "Warning Signs - Attorneys" for more information on this.

If you want to check address, status, etc of your attorney, you can refer to the Hawaii State Bar.

AngelGroup will be expanding this section so please check back often for updates.

AngelGroup is not licensed to give legal advice.  We can only educate you as to potential options.  We hope to have a few references and resources for low-cost legal services for you soon.