It's time to reclaim your rights People!

Of course you know murder, domestic violence, burglery, child abuse and forgery are all crimes, right?  You may be so deeply embroiled in it all that you can quote a statute or two but can you cite the Hawaii Constitution or the U.S. Constitution?  These fundanmental documents are what your elected and appointed officials are sworn to uphold. "Sworn"...that means they swear when they take their oath of office.

It's time to take a step farther and deeper into the rabbit hole.  Stand on your sovereign rights.  Don't allow yourself to be swallowed by corporations and official agencies who's underlying intention is to make a profit. (For example: Your courts are a corporation).

Click the links and pick one section that interests you... begin there. 

Hawaii Constitution

U.S. Constitution


CPS Survey

If you or someone you know has been involved with Hawaii's Department of Child Welfare Services (regardless of what island you're on), please take a survey HERE.

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