What is the Judiciary?

In short:
1.    Judicial branch of government
2.    System of courts of justice in a country
3.    Judges collectively

Just like with all humans and organizations, there are good ones and bad ones.  The good ones need little explanation but the bad ones need to be reigned in so, in the least, they adhere to the law and honor the oath of their canons. Now, just because you've lost and/or are losing, this doesn't mean the judge is bad.  Let's be "just" shall we?  In order for a judge to be "bad", he/she has to be using a pattern of behavior that is unjust.  This is covered in more detail on the WARNING SIGN - JUDICIARY page.

What does one do if their judge is showing signs of corruption or misconduct?  Many Maui attorneys recognize there are a few judges who are:

  • "Out of control"
  • "Not following the law"
  • "Biased"
  • "Gesticulating from the bench"
  • "Ignoring evidence"
  • "Loose Cannon" (no pun intended)

Of course, proper protocol is to submit a complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct, and perhaps there are some people who've had luck going this route; however, our eye-witness experience has been that the Commission turns complaints around without any investigation.  This means only one thing: They have no intention to enforce any true oversight on Maui against a judge.

Even HALT (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny) - The nation's largest legal reform organization, a nonprofit and nonpartisan public interest group, recognized that Hawaii's judiciary and system of judicial oversight is "one of the most secretive in the nation"; imposing gag rules and conducting hearings behind closed doors.  HALT ranked Hawaii 43rd in the nation and issued the state's program a D+ grade.  Read Hawaii's Report Card

After the Commission on Judicial Conduct refuses your complaint for no reason in particular, or at least without an investigation, your next option is to contact the Committee on the Judiciary.  They have oversight on Commission.  The AngelGroup report on this Committee is still outstanding but we will keep you apprised as information comes in.

The next recourse is an audit of the judiciary and this is difficult to obtain.  In 2002 an audit was conducted in the First Circuit and judges were pulled off the bench.  Currently, the drafting of a resolution, requesting an audit of the Second Circuit is in process.  If you'd like to contribute a summary of your case, showing judicial and public corruption, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in PDF format.  We will make sure it gets to the senator who is assisting us with this process.

There are quite a few organization that are attempting and succeeding in keeping the judiciary accountable.  We will be adding links for these organizations in the Links > Legal Correction section of AngelGroup.

Search Court Records
You can search official records in your case on the Hawaii State Judiciary website. It doesn't have all the information from court records but you can see abbreviated court minutes, documents filed, upcoming hearings, etc.  Be forewarned - the information on the website is often incomplete, inaccurate and occasionally modified after the fact.  Certified court records are available in paper form at each courthouse.  Search now.

See the individual sections on the judiciary for more specific information.