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angelgroup_band_angels_speak_up_corruptionToday ( March 14, 2011) Host Ron Winckler speaks with a few mothers who have been harmed (along with their children) by Hawaii's family courts. 

Domestic Violence survivor mom, Paige Calahan speaks about her struggle on Maui under Judge Keith Tanaka.  She and her son have been caught up in the nationwide epidemic of family court abuses that are unfortunately very apparent in Hawaii: “Family Courts Helping Pedophiles and Batterers Get Child Custody”.

Joining Ms. Calahan on the show is Attorney Michael Ostendorp and "survivor" moms, Jonea and Cheri.   Listen on 1110 at 7am for an eye opening topic. This is the first show in a series on these issues with Mr. Winckler.  If you have suffered in Hawaii's family court and would like to share your story, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

jeff_renseOn February 24, 2011, Hawaii's domestic violence Survivor/Advocate, Dara Carlin was invited to appear on Jeff Rense's national radio show.  Dara talked about Child Protective Services (or Child Welfare Services). 

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California Member of Congress, 8/02/06

California National Organization for Women (CA NOW) is respectfully requesting that you join the call for a federal investigation, by the U.S. Government Reform Committee, into the operations of Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration of Children and Families' Access/Visitation and "Responsible Fatherhood" programs, including those operating in California.

Your testimony is needed on proposed legislation.  Testimony will be made public.  If you require anonymity because of issues related to Domestic Violence, please contact Dara Carlin.

Read HB968

Read HB135

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carroll_cox_mizuno_carlin_ostendorpCarroll Cox has pulled a contraversial fireball out from under the rock... Abuses in Hawaii's Family Courts. 

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The first broadcast in the series about violations of statutory law and due process in contested divorce/custody cases began today. A common thread in these cases appears to be the existance of Domestic Violence.

Attorney Michael Ostendorp; Advocate/Survivor Dara Carlin; Advocacy agency, AngelGroup; Rep. John Mizuno, and several mothers all participated in a discussion about how judges are disregarding the law, and giving children to the abusive parent. 

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