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This is a very interesting video blog about the "legitimacy" of government. There are three branches of government established by the Constitution: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The reason this video is relevant to YOU is because the legitimacy of these branches was granted CONDITIONALLY by the Constitution.  When Hawaii judges start disregarding the law, CPS tramples your Rights and Liberties, and other para-professionals perjur themselves in order to harm you and your children, then they instantly become nothing more than "common criminals".

It is SO IMPORTANT for you to realize this and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!  Please watch this video and then let's find a way to let Hawaii know that it WILL fix this problem. 

If you don't believe it can be done, realize this: The higher-ups in the Judiciary (and  peers and other "court officials") can hold the criminals accountable for what they're doing.  These renegade judges can be removed or sanctioned until they 'come up to speed' on the law....simple.

With recorded evidence and a confession from a perpetrator of abuse, Carrie Walters was railroaded via the court and incarcerated for protecting herself in a violent attack.

She has taken her battle public to show that Hawaii courts are knowingly complicite in assisting abusers, while punishing victims and survivors of abuse when they report.

Carrie has recorded conversations of the attack, and conversations with officials (that were represented differently to the court by these same officials).  They have attempted to thwart Carrie's efforts to protect herself from systemic corruption by ordering her to stop recording.  She refuses and it remains her right under HI statute.

Read more about Carrie's case

Gather your facts and make it public.

Since Hawaii refuses to hold its family court para professionals accountable, at least YOU can hold them accountable in a public forum.  Make sure your statements are true and can be backed up. As of this minute, there's only one Hawaii social worker listed...Annie Reinecke (Maui).  Please add your worker if you don't see the name on the list.


At Lawer RatingZ

Be sure to represent what you believe to be his Canon violations, as well as his legal violations.  You are not required to disclose your case or your name.


Deadline is this Friday (10/14/11) - the whistleblower in DC is waiting

Fill out form here

Abuse Freedom United has someone from Whistleblowers.org who wants us to put together evidence of judges giving children to abusers or engaging in corrupt practices and any evidence we might need to include such as: CPS/DCYF organizations, Social Workers names, Judges, Person who removed the child from the protective parent.  Please complete the form. How fast can we use the social network to pull this together?

This is information that everyone has on their own case or should already know – an easy deadline to meet - we should have hundreds in the file by end of week!

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