received the following email regarding on-line evaluations of 8 per diem judges:

Dear Attorney:

This is a joint email from Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald and HSBA President Louise K.Y. Ing. The Judiciary is conducting an online evaluation of eight Per Diem judges. The Judiciary and the HSBA encourage all members to participate in the evaluation process. This evaluation differs from HSBA's judicial evaluation survey, but both programs are designed to give you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback concerning individual judges. Judges are receptive to receiving comments and suggestions, which often help them to improve their judicial skills and techniques. Please click on the following link, , to complete the questionnaire. Because this link is unique to your email address, please do not forward this message. If at any time you wish to stop and later return to the questionnaire, please click on the same link. The questionnaire will remain accessible to you until July 8, 2011. To ensure security and confidentiality, the evaluation process is being administered by, which is independent from the Judiciary and the HSBA.

The evaluation is designed to obtain the assessments of attorneys who have actually appeared before the judge. Please be sure that your evaluation is based solely on your experience, and not on hearsay. If you did not have any cases before a judge, you may click on that option after you select the judge's name. Also, if you do not wish to receive any judicial evaluation questionnaires, please click on , and you will automatically be removed from this mailing list.

Thank you in advance for your participation. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Oki at 539-4870.


Mark E. Recktenwald
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Hawai'i

Louise K.Y. Ing
Hawaii State Bar Association


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