carroll_cox_mizuno_carlin_ostendorpCarroll Cox has pulled a contraversial fireball out from under the rock... Abuses in Hawaii's Family Courts. 

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The first broadcast in the series about violations of statutory law and due process in contested divorce/custody cases began today. A common thread in these cases appears to be the existance of Domestic Violence.

Attorney Michael Ostendorp; Advocate/Survivor Dara Carlin; Advocacy agency, AngelGroup; Rep. John Mizuno, and several mothers all participated in a discussion about how judges are disregarding the law, and giving children to the abusive parent. 

Several things stood out:

Specific Judges mentioned were: Judge Keith E. Tanaka (Second Circuit, Maui), Judge Paul T. Murakami and Judge Linda Luke (both from First Circuit, Oahu).

Also dicussed was proposed family court and DV legislation, currently under review.  Please see other articles re: HB135 and HB968.

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